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Also, Lily, who was murdered while glamoured as Snow White.
Doubles into What the Hell, Player?
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Later in Episode 5 in the Crooked Man's office you can see Georgie Porgie smoking one of these, which allows us to deduce that he was the one who killed Lily and Faith.Although as early as Episode 3, the above becomes a Captain Obvious Reveal.Neal Davis often gets charges reduced or dropped before trial, or gains acquittal for defendants who go to trial.While examining Lily's body, Bigby asks Snow if Swineheart ever gave her any information on Faith's head, but she says he hasn't and is still running tests.After helping Bigby to beat up the Jersey Devil in Episode 4, The Woodsman departs, hardly even getting a mention in the finale.Adaptation Expansion : The digital-first comic adaptation of the game adds a lot more backstory.
Gets beat up a bit by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.Houston sex crimes attorney such as, neal Davis.When investigating the Woodsman at the Trip Trap in Episode 1, Grendel, pissed about Holly's missing sister, calls Snow White a bitch.Is hurt by Tweedle Dee, which, while it is a bad thing, is still better than Lawrence dying.Lily's sister Holly tells Snow White, "It should have been you.All of them we know of ended up in their position after having nowhere else.

After investigating and later convincing Toad to tell the truth, he reveals that Tweedledum came earlier looking for an item of the Woodsman's.
If the player chooses to spare the Crooked Man, he ends up trapped in the body of a raven with his tongue taken out.
That status can involve participation in a community service program.