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What does loan maturity date mean

A serial maturity is when bonds are all issued at the same time but are divided into different classes with different, staggered redemption dates.
Either way, action will be required on your part.
A 30-year Treasury bond, at its time of issue, offers interest payments for 30 years (every six months in the case of a saigon escort Treasury Bond) and, in 30 years, the principal it loaned out.
A common type of long-term bond is a 30-year.S.Mortgage Loan Interest, eventually, the term of your mortgage will come to an end and you will have to repay the loan.However some such seattle prostitute killer instruments may have no fixed maturity date.It is similar in meaning to "redemption date".This includes fixed interest and variable rate loans or debt instruments, whatever they are called, and other forms of security such as redeemable preference shares, provided their terms of issue specify a date.As your loan is secured by your car, your creditor will be legally able to repossess your vehicle if you fail to clear any outstanding amount at the end of your loan term.This is for a couple of reasons.Default, if you fail to pay your loan at maturity without making arrangements to refinance or extend the maturity date, the lender will declare a default.To illustrate, consider the situation of an investor who in 1986 bought a 30-year Treasury bond with a maturity date of May 26, 2016.
This is because a bond's price is less volatile the closer it is to maturity.Some lenders will ask you to clear these fines when they're issued, but others will add them onto end of your loan where they will typically accumulate interest.If, having paid your final installment, you still owe money on your account, it's likely that either your lender has made an error or you have failed to keep your account in good order.Arrears, any arrears on your account will be added onto the end of your loan if you haven't cleared them.Arrange to make a payment to clear any outstanding amount due immediately once you've established there has been no mistake on your lender's part.The maturity date defines the lifespan of a security, informing you when you will get your principal back and for how long you will receive interest payments.

The maturity date is the date when your final payment is due.
Your property will be auctioned off or claimed by the bank as real estate owned.
Thus, investors should inquire, before buying any fixed-income securities, whether the bond is callable or not.