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Utah escort vehicle requirements

O Verification/measurement of load dimensions.
(b) Special mobile equipment exempt from registration shall carry a copy of the approved affidavit in the vehicle at all times; (c) Vehicles that are not special mobile equipment shall register with the Utah State Tax Commission prior to operating the vehicle on a public.
An emergency type shake or crank flashlight will not be allowed; (f) 6-inch minimum length red or orange cone or traffic wand for use when directing traffic; (g) an orange hardhat and class 2 safety vest for personnel involved in pilot escort operations.(d) It is the responsibility of the entity to provide a list of applicants that have successfully re-certified along with the corresponding grade to the division at the end of each quarter of each calendar year.Pilot/escort vehicle standards * Pilot/escort vehicles may be either a passenger vehicle or a two-axle gymnast escort london truck with a 95-inch minimum wheelbase and a maximum gross vehicle weight of 12,000 lbs and properly registered and licensed as required under Sections UCA 41-1a-201 and UCA 41-1a-401.The pilot/escort driver, acting as a flagger, may aid the over-dimensional load/vehicle in the safe movement along the highway designated on the over-dimensional load permit and shall: o (a) Assume the proper flagger position outside the pilot/escort vehicle, and as a minimum standard, have.(4) Any approved changes to permit conditions or regulations will be incorporated into this rule.Requirements are as follows: Two aamva approved amber flashing lights mounted with one on each side of the required sign.
(1) "Appurtenance" as defined in CFR 23-658 and Section 72-7-402.
(b) The loss, mutilation or destruction of any records which an entity is required to maintain, must be immediately reported by the entity by affidavit stating the date such records were lost, mutilated, or destroyed, and the circumstances involving such loss, mutilation, or destruction.O Communication and signals coordination.This meeting shall include discussion and coordination on the conduct of the move, including at least the following topics: (a) the person designated as being in charge such as a department representative or a law enforcement officer; (b) all documentation for authorized routing and permit.Handheld two way simplex radios or other compatible form of communication for operations outside pilot/ escort vehicles.(42) "Secondary highway" is all other routes not designated as interstate or freeway.(13) "Dromedary unit" is a truck-tractor capable of carrying a load independent of a trailer.

(24) "Longer combination vehicle " or an LCV is a combination of truck, truck tractor, semi-trailer and trailers, which exceeds legal dimensions and operates on highways by permit for transporting divisible loads.