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Research on prostitution in pakistan

While the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (jjso) 2000 offered greater protection to children, it is not being implemented in its totality.
4) Pakistan must ratify the Optional Protocol on the sale of escorted trips to india from ireland children, child prostitution and child pornography, to sign and ratify the protocol to prevent, suppress and punish trafficking in persons, especially women and children by unicef.
Moreover, lack of education limits the women from getting better earning opportunities, making them even more vulnerable to exploitation.
Women trafficking accompany potential lifelong and/or life-threatening health consequences.The streets have no sign of the sex trade; there are no females waiting for customers on street corners - unless one knows where to look.Every individual in Pakistan has the right to have access to legal protection.For all she knows, the rest of her life will be in this vicious circle of sex trade and pimp exploitation.She would be booked (off or on premises) for the night to someone willing to pay the prevailing market price for her.Edu most nana plaza prostitutes of the residents of the area are connected to the sex trade in one way or another.Since its provisions are limited to trafficking in and out of Pakistan, it leaves out cases of internal trafficking.Lack of awareness and illiteracy are the other major factors related to women trafficking.Women trafficking, Poverty, Drugs.
Did you read Neelmas most recent post, A Peek Into The Daily Lives of 3 Pakistani Women?Walking briskly to avoid the attention of the early morning police constables standing by the corner, heading towards a shanty town in the midst of Karachi, she is Abida aka Kiran, a sex worker aka prostitute from the lower class in Pakistan.For now, her life is governed by a strict order in the social hierarchy of prostitution where an older prostitute (the matriarch the one heading the brothel, dictates the norms.I felt I would at least be able to interview some of them to get a better sense of who they were, what their dating former prostitute lives were like, and learn how prostitution works in this deeply conservative, Muslim society.Indignities and exploitation started after they crossed the border.Reluctantly, Abidas father agreed.I quickly cover my head in my hijab, the commonly used headscarf, and conceal my camera underneath.Abida aka Kiran, 26, lives in a dark dank mosquito infested house in a narrow street on the famous Lee Market in Karachi.

This leads to various health threats.
Rude Awakening, she was dead scared by the strange smiles and whispers of her new hosts.
Drained and half dead, edgy and nervous, wrapped in a sheet of cloth half covering her face, the corner of which she holds in her teeth.