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Prostitution in world wiki

Melee: 8 Social: 3 Firefighting Work camp slave name grew up as a slave to a particularly nasty noble family on a medieval world.
Cooking 4 Growing 3 Crafting 3 N/A Taxonomist name travelled between star systems, studying and classifying the plant and animal life HE found in the hopes of creating a complete catalogue.
Construction: 3 Growing: 3 Crafting: 3 Research: 3 N/A Shooting coma name fell into a coma at a young age and spent years dreaming about shooting.
He/She eventually blew up the facility and escaped the planet in a stolen cargo ship.Jobless, he and left to explore the stars once again.He/She spent all his/her time playing games with AIs instead of with other children.Wandering healer (Healer) name studied to be a doctor, but was dissatisfied with HIS practice on an otherwise peaceful midworld.Cooking 8 Artistic 4 N/A??????The violence and destruction he/she witnessed scarred him/her for life.Medicine 2 Growing 1 Research 6 Hunting??????Medicine: 4 Construction: 1 Research: 5 Mining Firefighting Hauling Cleaning Adventuring escort service port st lucie fl child name was raised to become an engineer.However, he/she decided that the music and modeling industries were not paying him/her enough attention, so he/she left.Shooting: kannur prostitute phone number 3 Melee: 3 Social: 3 Medicine: 2 Growing: 2 Artistic: 2 Research: 2 N/A Speeder racer name was the son/daughter of a fern farmer in the towering forests of Khalderia.Construction 4 Growing 4 Mining 4 N/A Construction engineer (Builder) name was a construction worker on a midworld.
One day he/she wandered off on his/her wealthy genetic parents, and was ultimately lost in a supposedly unused ore warehouse.
Shooting 2 Social 6 Artistic 4 N/A??????Melee 5 Social 2 N/A Novelist name lived on a glitterworld, penning wildly successful novels.Whatever else happens, if you're down and depressed and questioning your self-worth, you have never pimped an ape.He/She developed a sense of social desperation from this, as well as an appreciation for the artistic side of comedy.Name relied of other people for her basic needs.Every night around the fire, HE would pass on ancient knowledge and helpful wisdom through stories.If an SVG form of this image is available, please upload it and afterwards replace this template with vector version available new image name.

Mining: 3 Research: 3 Plant cutting Hauling Cleaning Science prodigy name was top of his/her class in chemistry, physics, exobiology, astronomy, and opera.
Hecap chose to operate as a hired gun, working for various rebel organizations, enslaved groups, and merchant enclaves.
Shooting 5 Medicine 6 N/A Pit brawler name was nine years old when HE got in HIS first fight.