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Prostitution in india legal

prostitution in india legal

A law to be regulated has a deep and meaning to itself.
If the governments reluctance to accept consensual homos*xuality as a legitimate form of s*xual expression is any indicator of progressive legislation being proposed along the lines of anti-Sati and anti-Dowry laws, legitimizing prostitution will continue remaining a dream; at most, a WET dream!But, lets face it, Folks, as a nation of hypocrites, we are reluctant to openly adopt these revered mythological practices into our personal lives; at least, not admit to it japanese escort malaysia publicly for fear of criminal sanctions.Its something that is discussed behind the doors, but no one accepts it in the open.Rapes and crimes against women would come to an end, or reduce by a huge margin.Once regulated, the age barrier can be made as an open-career option, human trafficking would come to an end.After prostitution was legalized in Netherlands it is estimated that between 19 the number of children in prostitution increased by over 300 going from 4000 to 15000 and that 5000 of these children were trafficked.Not regulating it will only lead to black marketing and further crimes against women.
The industry was born because there was and is, a demand.
Credit: Dailyridge, personal View.
Every, who is legally employed has minimum rights and entitlements given by law, such as safety rights, minimum wages, health benefits, vacation pay and protection against unlawful discrimination.It would make prostitution itself a respectful or considerable job.Whereas, in a country like the USA, the prostitutes are taken due care of, criminal and rape laws lie in their favour and that too all after when prostitution is illegal in USA!Prostitutes can live openly and freely.Isnt s*x with condoms, intra-uterine devices (IUDs) and injectable contraceptives, and the good ol manual self-gratification against the order of nature?Its something known to every one and understandable at the same time.With the apex court letting off the ban on dance bars, prostitution is something that will surely come along. .Thus, forced activities there are low and crime there against prostitutes are low.Source of image: m, why cant we draw a conclusion as to whether it should be a part of our society or should it be alienated from our society?

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