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Prostitution be legalized pros and cons

Prostitution leads to objectification of women.
They turn the 'crime' into an economic plus.
In Germany, and other countries, prostitution is legal and taxed.
19, 2017 "Legalisation does NOT reduce violence.We still enforce them.In case of prostitution there are chances of bodily harm too, as some clients might be violent.Some actions are just wrong and immoral and we should not try to make them legal just because people do it and have been doing.Yet it has continued since ancient times.Black money will keep on getting created as black the escort streaming youwatch money is created when one doesnt want to pay taxes for the money earned.Sex with multiple partners love youre a whore increases risk of diseases.We need men and women to speak up for those who can't speak for themselves."If I decided I was too nervous to work alone, I would not be allowed to have a friend over to work in a pair for safety: it would technically mean I was running a brothel one sex worker told.
A decade after the implementation of both laws, certain concerns continue to be a part of social debate regarding the decriminalization and criminalization of prostitution.
The Dutch government hoped to play the role of the honourable pimp, taking its share in the proceeds of prostitution through taxation.Even when performed under exploitative, unsafe or unhealthy conditions, sex work is still work." Global Network of Sex Work Projects (nswp) "Sex Work as Work nswp.What about those girls and women who have no other option to earn a livelihood?Marshall Frank, retired Captain, Metro-Dade Police Department "Frank: Let's Legalize, Regulate Prostitution.It should not be a matter for law enforcement, court dockets and jail cells, costing the taxpayer dearly, every day, every month, every year.Termed as an unhealthy appendage of our society, it has always been given a low mia james escort status and many have even tried to abolish this profession.Prostitution flourishes in the black market that would not exist if brothels and hookers were legitimized, licensed, medically inspected, zoned and taxed.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that sex workers support between five and eight other people with their earnings.
A spokeswoman for the English Collective of Prostitutes welcomed the report.