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Prostitutes in limpopo

prostitutes in limpopo

It may be a new handbag, a nice meal out or a new car.
Workshop attendees included saps, social workers from local clinics, social services of the municipality and various other health workers.
Yet only men and women that actively label themselves as sex workers are being judged, being denied services, being assaulted, insulted and discriminated against.
The law in South Africa regarding prostitution reads as follows: Any person who has unlawful carnal intercourse or commits an act of indecency with any other person for reward, is guilty of an offence, effectively criminalising the client as well as the prostitute.At a recent parliamentary hearing, 60 voted in support of decriminalisation, 20 voted for prostitution to remain criminalised and 20 voted for the Nordic model.It is very different from being a victim of trafficking, where a person is doing it against his or her will.Want to publish your media releases here?Then, as the law states, this is sex working.National statistics show that on average, every sex worker supports four other people financially.The workshop was aimed at changing the behaviour towards sex workers from all concerned stakeholders, to be more tactful and understanding as well as to advocate for the decriminalisation of sex workers.Who exactly is a sex worker?The workshop was therefore aimed at desensitising the taboo subject of sex work in order for stakeholders who work with these men and women on a daily basis to be more tactful and prevent stigmatisation.Published in: Birds, Benoni.By denying sex workers access to basic healthcare, we are exacerbating the health issues that come along with sex work.
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Further discrimination often comes from the community.