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That such usage also causes extreme embarrassment to both the Islamists themselves and their leftist "anti-fascist" appeasers in the West is just too bad." On the defeat of the jihad: "it is a vain enterprise to worry over how many Muslims follow or support.Other names for it are "Islamofascism" and..
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Prostitute definition oxford dictionary

Street people "the homeless" is from 1967; street smarts is from 1972; street-credibility is from 1979.
Johnson has it (second definition ) as "A word of slight contempt escort radio code to a woman" but sexual activity does not seem to figure into his examples.
Word of the Day copse.Trick-or-treat is recorded from 1942."Slut the message popped up from someone named "ArtsyFartsy" as soon as I activated the app.Interestingly, slattern also developed the meaning " prostitute, harlot." Some feminists have reclaimed the word slut and use it to mean a sexually liberated woman.The big slug happened to hit the suspect in the street, passing through his arm and then striking Police Officer Andrew Dossi.Retail: the street price of a new computer; the street value of a drug.
Sluht, see more synonyms for slut on m noun, disparaging and Offensive.Out of prison or police custody; at liberty.Show More, idioms on/in the street, without a home: You'll be out on the street if the rent isn't paid.The roadway of such a thoroughfare, as distinguished from the sidewalk: to cross a street.Contemporary Examples, a street sweeper was caught in the crossfire as a gunman fired at the officer, fatally wounding her in the back.