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Passport 9500ci parts

passport 9500ci parts

Make certain that this spot is male prostitutes gold coast connected to vehicle ground.
Each shifter contains a laser detection section and a shifting response section.
It is recommended that the Radar Receiver be secured to the brackets first, and then the brackets and Receiver mounted to the vehicle.Database subscription may apply.The ears on the sides are for looping zip ties through to attach the interface to large wire bundles or structural pieces.Avoid the brake pedal, emergency brake, clutch or steering hardware for mounting.The receiver can be hidden behind non-metallic plastic body panels but not behind any surface that has a chrome or gold plated appearance.The result is radar performance when needed most.
If your vehicle is an automatic but is offered in a manual transmission model, you may have an unused clutch pedal linkage punch-out or grommet - this makes an excellent entry point for your wiring.
However, if you wish to activate laser shifting countermeasures this function must be turned on in the user preferences.
The interface is not designed to be waterproof so it must be installed inside the vehicle or a weatherproof fuse box enclosure.Look for a soft unused grommet.Adhesive pads for secure mounting In-dash Display Bezel.Drill a 13/32" or 7/16" hole.Use black silicone rubber sealant to seal around the enlarged hole and new wires.This is usually near the base of the window or just left of the rearview mirror for metalized windshields.Installation - Making Final Connections Remove the fuse from the Interface power feed.Do not attempt to cut the wires unless valentine one vs escort 9500ix the proper connector and crimping tools are available.Cut a slit in an unused grommet and feed the wires inside.Installing the Passport 9500ci Radar and Laser Detector can be made easier if two people work together - this can dramatically reduce the installation time by running wires together, installing separate items simultaneously and other advantages.

It can also be mounted to the dashboard or rear deck using double-sided tape.
If you need to bend the mounting tabs more than 1-2 degrees to make the shifter horizontal you should remove the tabs and bend the angles in a vice to prevent cracking the shifter case and re-install the tabs.
Attach the mounting hardware and use zip ties to secure the speaker.