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Local slappers bolton

local slappers bolton

From Desi, old trafford, manchester firein' - gorgeous From Denise Ambery, Stockport 'Cob it' meaning to throw something out.
And we need to get rid of them from this country.
"Goin gettin some scran" From Marvin the manc, Hulme, Mcr Some local words in my area are: beer - a hop based alcoholic drink chair - wooden thing you sit on glass - wot you drink out of and you can even put sex hook up reviews them together.
Dont be a GOR!From Red rowlo in Manchester What about: Eeeh Ahh pronounced E R - a common Manc phrase with numerous uses - such as a manc way to say 'excuse me!' not quite as polite though!Bangra - Indian person Wool - Offensive comment at someone.Hate to break it, girls, but you look like the two ugly sisters off Cinderella, all narky because lasses who know how to dress and behave get all the attention, therefore stoop to 'Oi, oiii!From Anthony Butler, Chadderton bingowings - loose flaps of skin under old ladies arms.Its babys yed and its wigan slang for a meat pie on a muffin christ, we aren't that bad!Visit one of our Public Houses that serve a vast array of beers.Jess Hayes, a great example of a Z-lister with f* all personality, boring, just all 'look at me here's my boob again, both her and her friend Katie Salmon flashing at Cheltenham.I have, however, had a couple of, hmm, different encounters with the snappers there.Scowler - someone rough, looking for trouble etc.
Flynet, whelass ISN'T enough: Aintree guest swigs from the bottle.Testicles mard arse coward, demic (my fave and surprised it's not been mentioned yet) something that doesn't work properly, or is out of order etc.(a) meone who is a psycho.From Clare, Manchester mint - great, fabulous buzzing - great, fabulous I have to say there are some words there that i have never heard of and I've lived in Manchester all my life!" GOR" When someone is being a bit dumb or thick."nowt" means nothing and "owt" means something.