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Latin word for prostitute

A curious example of the usage of "ring" as a metaphor being kept (or most likely, having resurfaced) in a modern Romance language can be found in Brazilian Portuguese slang, as the word anel can have the same double meaning, especially in the expression.
Root Qeu'-: 'Nuere, Nutare, Cevere; Quatere, Cudere; Cubare, Incumbere.' II" In Modern Philology, vol.
Culeus (culleus -i m (Gk) leather sack; vulg.
Sopio, -onis m penis.Synonyms Translations promiscuous person see whore Verb prostitute ( third-person singular simple present prostitutes, present participle prostituting, simple past and past participle prostituted ) ( transitive, usually reflexively) To perform sexual activity for money.In French, the noun pet pditum and the derived verb péter (for earlier poire pdere ) are very much alive.Meretrix, -tricis f courtesan, kept woman.Original from Oxford University:.Lupânar, -aris f whorehouse.Culus, -i m ass, buttocks or anus in a coarse sense.
Etymology edit Clus may be an o-grade of Indo-European kel-, which describes a covering; compare Latin celare, "to conceal." This etymology is problematic, though, and Adams says that escort 8500 x50 firmware update its origin is obscure.
Verpa is preserved in some Romance dialects, usually with another meaning; verpile is a sort of stirrup and spur in a Calabrian dialect, possibly named for its shape.
Merda : feces edit Merda is the basic Latin word for excrement.Excreta, literally "things expelled referred most frequently to feces but could describe any bodily excretion.Priapeia is another important literary source.The noise made by escaping flatulence was usually called crepitus, vaguely "a noise" or "a creak".In the Romance languages edit Both words seem to have been lost in Romance.Penis, -is m tail, fig.Catullus uses the diminutive of this, scortillum, to mean wench.Irrumo, irrumâvi, irrumâtum, irrumâre 1 vt to force someone to perform receptive male oral sex, ( considered especially degrading by the Romans).Once you pissed off the side of a boat, Paulinus.It appears in Catullus 37: frontem tabernae sopionibus scribam I will draw sopios on the front of the tavern and in graffiti from Pompeii: ut merdas edatis, qui scripseras sopionis whoever drew sopios, let him eat shit!

When they go out drinking and whoring, I'll certainly want a piece of that action myself.
This IE root with a palatal h was formerly mixed up (e.