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(Above-Below) 55H Neville Hill shed was the scene of my one and only attempt to acquire a smoke box number plate, shed plate and nameplate off one of the 'Royal Scot' class locomotives in store outside the shed.
Colonel JHR Robertson undertook the enquiry and duly submitted his findings to the MOT on Friday 18th September 1964.
Next to appear out of the drizzle was 50A York allocated Class V2 No 60929 heading north on the avoiding lines on the west side of the station with a sixteen coach empty stock working.
The emergency services were notified by an RAF pilot who was flying overhead at the time.This was a favourite working amongst local enthusiasts as it always produced a 12A Carlisle locomotive; an out and back trip often used as a running-in turn by the parent shed.Then in November 1954 it moved to the North Eastern Region first based at Gateshead.(Above-Below) Adding to the locomotive variety is Class 8F 2-8-0 No 48104 in August 1964.Any hopes of it ever running again now seem very remote.I imagine Blackpool Station must have been very busy that day!Sitting at the top of this money-grabbing pile is a legion of over-rewarded bankers, who, like politicians, seem to have no concept of self restraint, and their perception of what constitutes a basic minimum wage is totally out of kilter with the 'penny-pinching' lifestyles that.Despite sneaking in unnoticed I had left the worst tidemark in the bath you could ever wish to see!The A4 sections are stiched together using Microsoft Digital Image Suite.
If you wish to discuss using the contents of this page the email address is below.
A horribly day, a filthy locomotive - and all things considered a poor photograph - but the only one I have of a Class A3 at 55A; this shot of No 60085 Manna was taken young naked whores on (Above-Below) 'Black Fives' in partnership with the 'Jubilees; were.He was most interested in my trip and asked if he could join me the next time I planned a visit to Crewe.On returning to Shipley-Bingley Junction box the signalman explained that no traffic had been held.However the real turning point came when I bumped into a fellow enthusiast; as soon as I saw the quality of the railway photographs he had taken with a Fed 2 35mm camera manufactured in the Soviet Union, my mind was made up!Arriving home I borrowed the train fare from Mum and began to pack my duffle bag with the camera, tripod, wagon wheels, jubblys (orange drinks inside pyramid shaped waxed cartons) a pac-a-mac and an empty red Oxo tin containing a notebook, pen and pencils and.Early days 1950s, following the end of the Second World War, everyone was hard at work rebuilding the nation's infrastructure, including the railways.There were numerous parcel trains departing Bradford Forster Square for destinations far and wide.Introduced to traffic in 1947, No 43039 was a long-time resident at Leeds Holbeck shed, its regular workings being the Leeds-Morecambe trains via Lancaster Green Ayre.By the end of 1952 I was nine years old and halfway through a four year stint at Primary School, but much to my parents dismay I was considered an academic failure who fell into the category more commonly known as a 'dunce'.Once the dust had settled on this transitional period, the public enjoyed swifter journey times, improved punctuality with BR crews and maintenance staff enjoying vastly improved working conditions, whilst the enormous capital investment costs were also slightly off-set by a substantial reduction in fuel costs.