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The fairies returned along with the kings, queen, and Phillip.Appearances Sleeping Beauty The fairies arriving in King Stefan's castle.In addition to the dresses, the outfits are complemented with matching capes and pointy hats secured to their heads with colored veils.Costa Rica has more than 60 national parks, wildlife refuges and biological zones spread across 12 ecological areas, offering the ultimate rainforest exploration experience.Although they don't appear physically in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, The three fairies were briefly mentioned in the game.As Maleficent leaves, the fairies realize that Merryweather still hasn't given her gift.Flashbacks also show the Three Fairies living with Aurora in the cottage in the woods.
But before Merryweather can give her gift, Maleficent appears.
While they were gone, the wand's power began to get out of hand but eventually due to Aurora's calm attitude; things were settled down.
Since the death of Maleficent, the fairies have become almost desperate to help Aurora out with anything.When they disguised themselves as humans by dressing as peasants, they concealed their wings through this ability.You can also take escort when you travel worldwide.Video games Kingdom Hearts series Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather live with Master Yen Sid in his tower in Kingdom Hearts.Merryweather also has her own spell card called "Merryweather's Stone Spell".The fairies alluded by Clarabelle Cow in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Pluto's Tale".Potts Chip Maurice Philippe Gaston LeFou Aladdin: Aladdin Abu Genie Jasmine Jafar Sultan Iago Rajah The Nightmare Before Christmas: Jack Skellington Sally Zero Lock, Shock, and Barrel Oogie Boogie.More than a million visitors come here every year to explore the lush rainforests, enjoy the miles of unspoiled coastline and sample the rich local culture.