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I felt like it was more to prove a point than anything else as they knew we weren't going anywhere anytime soon, I've been travelling for 11months now and have never been to a hostel so trick on payment, you need to ease.
We went there to start our honeymoon in Asia, and loved every single minute of kbrs night club escort our stay!
Later I bought some new ones from the eastern 25 mitcham brothel Artisans Angkor and I still have them.We spent most of the time in the pool or the hotel, enjoying the delicious food, the excellent drinks, and the company of truly amazing staff members.In my first room the toilets never once got cleaned, I watched the cleaners just walk in and out again on several occasions, it got to the point where there was sand everywhere around the whole room from outside and you had to wear shoes.The shop owner had put yellow bulbs in all the lights at her stall so that it intensified the gold colour.I went back and kicked up such a stink in front of other customers that she quickly gave me my money back to shut.I once bought a gold chain in Ps ar Chaa and the moment I got outside I realized it was not gold.
Which is a shame because a few of them are really nice and helpful, but they get overshadowed by the down right rudeness of the rest of them.It's very close to the temples, built in width rather than in floors on top of each other, giving it a very relaxed air.It's funny that they should go to such lengths to look smart with matching shirts and trousers when they don't bother to sort out the rude attitude problems some of them have.At one point no one has the air con remote and the air con wasn't on, so we asked reception and this extremely rude member of staff basically told us we were lying and the remote was in the room, when I said we had.Funnily enough I probably would stay again because the travellers that come to this hostel create the best atmosphere, but the staff and cleaners need to sort it out!