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Escort carrier design

The Heavy Escort is a midsize Dominion vessel, with capabilities filling the niche between the Jem'Hadar Attack Ship and the JemHadar Dreadnought Carrier.
By definition, Carriers are able to launch smaller vessels, the type of which determined from the equipment piece slotted in the ship's hangar slots.
Vo'Quv Carrier edit edit source Vo'Quv class The recently built Vo'Quv Carrier is the pride of the Klingon Defense Force.ACV-66 was initially named, elbour Bay.Systems-wise, the Mirror Vo'Quv exchanges a Lieutenant Science Bridge Officer station with a Lieutenant Engineering Bridge Officer station, as well as exchanging a Science console slot with an Engineering one.These can be used for Velcro ID Panels or compatible magazine and utility pouches.'Caviar Cargo' The C3 Passenger Ships.As a result, after the Commencement Bay where is prostitution legal in the usa class, no new escort carriers were designed, and with every downsizing of the navy, the CVEs were the first to be mothballed.1 While designs had been prepared for "trade protection carriers" and five suitable liners identified for conversion, nothing further was done mostly because there were insufficient aircraft for even the fleet carriers under construction at the time.See also edit For complete lists see: Hague 2000.83 Brown (2000).
Fleet Dreadnought Cruiser edit edit source Galaxy-class (refit) The Galaxy class was refitted at the turn of the 25th century, after the collapse of the Khitomer Accords in 2399.
The slow carriers could not outrun 30 kn (35 mph; 56 km/h) cruisers.
The last 69 escort carriers of the Casablanca and Commencement Bay classes were purpose-designed and purpose-built carriers drawing on the experience gained with the previous classes.They were typically half the length and a third the displacement of larger fleet carriers.159160 Friedman 1983.All Carriers have two hangar bays, can equip.Of these, six were British conversions of merchant ships: HMS Audacity, Nairana, Campania, Activity, Pretoria Castle and Vindex.The Dreadnought Cruiser carries only a single hanger bay slot.

The crew size was less than 13 of that of a large carrier, but this was still a bigger complement than most naval vessels.