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Brothel in karaköy istanbul turkey

Hayrettin Bulan of Sefkat says they have already petitioned parliament and the ministry of the interior under legal principles of equality for the opening of male brothels and warns if their request is rejected they will open a case at the European Court of Human.
While it is curtailing state brothels, it appears reluctant to end what has existed for more than a century, probably wary of being accused of implementing a religious agenda.
Some 100,000 women work illegally on the streets, said evval Klç, a founder of a sex workers rights association.Turkucu says women are seen as worthless in brothels, and that it's difficult for them to get another job once they've worked there.Will they be moved elsewhere?There are already 100,000 women working on the street undocumented, she warns and 40,000 of them applied to brothels to work.Now two of the brothels will be closed down by the city, according to an article in todays.In Turkey, female prostitution is legal with state-controlled brothels and was legal even before the birth of the Turkish republic 90 years ago.
Protesters hailed illegal prostitution as a significant problem.
"Even most families won't have anything to do with the women in most cases.The group is fighting for an end to state-run brothels.But government closures are also proving contentious with the women who work in the state brothels.Istanbul - Doan News Agency, dHA photo, sex workers employed at a brothel in Karaköy district of Istanbul staged a protest earlier today against a temporary, 15-day closure of six brothels in the neighborhood.Sometimes the demolition of a brothel is accompanied by fanfare and speeches on public morality and health; other times, the closure happens under the guise of a zoning issue.This is yet another fancy place where they act like they know what they are doing, underserve you, brothel pymble nsw overcharge you, and the minute you start questioning the merit in all of this they totally freak out.And where does this leave the women whose livelihood now falls outside of the law?