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Architectural thesis on prostitution

architectural thesis on prostitution

Khawaja Saras dwell in a conflict between masculinity and femininity.
How can a study of Eros role in architecture influence the design of a building for prostitution?
The assumption for this thesis is that the city of Halifax, Canada, has decided to stop the exploitation of prostitutes through the decriminalisation of prostitution co-operatives.The goal of the design is to orchestrate a path that controls ones gaze, screens ones view, celebrates each threshold and interacts with the users body.In doing so, this thesis proposes the addition of a consumer driven institution to house a brothel, hotel, restaurant, lounge and fitness centre in the business district of Halifax.It is needed to rehabilitate the mindset by bridging the commonalities between the two humans of the society through architecture.Thus a Rehab cum Cultural center is designed which will facilitate Economic Regeneration, provide Social Recognition, which will result in better interaction.Karachi, Pakistan, project by: Al Shima Rehman, rehabilitation london liverpool street escorts of a mindset by bridging the commonalities between the two humans of the society through architecture.Pakistan is a conservative society where Khawaja saras are left to live a very secret and self-confined lives in order to avoid discrimination and abuse.
They deserve equality, respect, happiness, a better standard of living, education and employment just like the rest.
A though research is done based on both visible and invisible differentiations and the basic trait of transgender is executed in design.
It becomes a place for people to discover during their exploraton of e thesis looks at the role of Eros in the history of western architecture, and translates it into the present to seduce the buildings visitor.It is to be a new institution that celebrates pleasure, seduction and sexuality.While brothel clients progress through the brothel, the building teases and entices them.The idea is to achieve a balance between masculine and feminine by form and space.Moreover, informal education and a physical and mental rehabilitation facility for the Khawaja Saras is provided to improvise their standard of living.In the culture of Indian sub-continent a Transgender (Hijra) is usually considered a member of The third Sex, neither man nor woman.They have a masculine structure but a feminine outlook.The design of a place for the sale of pleasures (in the realms of gastronomy, fitness, and sex) focuses on how architecture can engage people, playing with programmatic juxtapositions to make common daily rituals turn into something erotic.The aim of this project is not only to bring peace to the group but majorly to help the process of interaction between them in order to make both sides experience living together.