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Amsterdam drugs and prostitution

The idea that prostitution, drugs and guns are related are complete nonsense.
And then of course there's the idea a lot of people have that most prostitutes use drugs.
Policemen pedal easily alongside visitors, keeping an eye on the scene.
In Amsterdam, hard drugs (like Cocaine, XTC, Speed, Ketamine, etc) can be tested anonymously at the Jellinek or GGD drug testing service.These limits apply to alcohol, cocaine, amphetamine, prostitutes joints in lagos methamfetaimne, mdma, mdea, MDA, cannabis, heroine, morphine, GHB etc.My question is why do I see the same guys on the streets already for years, selling drugs, while the police stands around and does nothing about it?And the rising numbers of human trafficking trials in the Dutch courts add weight to their claims.In exchange for handing over all her earnings she was given just 9 a day to buy food and supplies.They cant sell hard drugs either.Yellow: illegal to buy sex but legal to sell sex.
Weed aficionados across parts of the world panicked a couple of years ago when a conservative government announced plans to stem drug tourism, partly as a result of friction with neighboring countries.Some do get arrested and go to jail for a couple of days, before they get back on the street again.The man who brought me to England and then to Holland used me like a piece of meat, she said.But the general idea that most prostitutes are using drugs, it just nonsense.In green: where prostitution is legal and regulated.The vice industry has enjoyed a long tradition of tolerance in The Dam with prostitutes regularly earning more than 350 a day.That is not to say other countries did not have recreational drugs, homosexuality and prostitution.With regards to health, medical checkups are not compulsory, because the Dutch government didnt want to reinforce the idea that sex workers transmit infections.