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Mr Stanton, who was awarded an MBE, has a reputation of being 'the man to call' for certain cave i ' m not your whore rescues.
Now MailOnline can reveal how fearless Mr Stanton, 57, who was awarded an MBE for his brave cave rescues, is dating a beautiful nurse from.When asked by the group if they will be leaving the cave, the diver said: 'No, not today, not today.He has been dating Siripon Bugnngern, known as Amp, after meeting her just a few months ago while she was on holiday in England.Angie, from Coventry, told MailOnline: 'Our paths and interests changed.He is a fanatical potholer and cave diver, while his new girlfriend loves canoeing and rock climbing and travelling.Amp is from Chiang Rai, northern Thailand, close to where the Wild Boar football team went missing on their ill-fated trip into the caves.She is such a good person and a role model.'.'She is from Chiang Rai so when Rick was asked to come and help rescue the missing boys Amp was right by his side.Amp's skill and bravery in taking part in the rescue mission has also been praised.His former partner of 25 years Angie Timms told how the young couple were initially hooked on the 'thrill' of caving.Dramatic footage of the rescue attempt showed Mr Stanton discovered the boys stuck on a ledge in the cave where they had been trapped without food or daylight for nine days.
Amp is part of the team, helping translate between the British and Thai rescuers.
Rick Stanton was the first person to reach the missing boys stranded in the flooded Tham Luang cave - and led the 'mission impossible' to free them.
He was into cave diving and doing it more and more and his lifestyle was getting too dangerous and I was worried about him.'.Mr Stanton previously lost out in love because of his obsession with caving.'She took part in the rescue mission and stayed with the team of divers during the operation.'.Mr Stanton's girlfriend Amp is from Chiang Rai, not far from the cave where the boys were trapped for almost two weeks.Hero British diver Rick Stanton who rescued 12 Thai boys and their football coach from a flooded cave is dating local nurse Siripon Bugnngern, known to her friends as Amp (pictured).The firefighter from Coventry helped to rescue 13 British cavers in Mexico in 2004.The British diver had been on holiday to the Chiang Rai area seeing Amp just weeks before the disaster in which the dozen young players went missing in the flooded cave.'She has been helping Rick and the other divers throughout the rescue operation.I wouldn't be surprised if they get married.'.

Mr Stanton, 57, who led the 'mission impossible' to free the boys met his girlfriend Amp while she was on holiday in England where the diver lives in Coventry and works as a firefighter 'Although it's early days and they haven't been together for long.
She volunteered to work as a translator for the British diver and the rest of the rescue team when he was called in to find and rescue the stranded boys.