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Distribution in Asia/Pacific's Developing Markets, Business International Asia/Pacific Limited, 1978, page 144 Ford at Dagenham: The Rise and Fall of Detroit in Europe, David Burgess Wise, Breedon, 2001, page 177 New Cortina steps into sports car class, The Glasgow Herald, 29 September 1976.
Period reviews were favourable concerning both the styling and performance.
Ford Cortina 80/Mk5.
These engines are known as the Kent, crossflow engine or over head valve (OHV) engine.Ford also claimed improved corrosion protection on Mark V models; as a result, more Mark Vs have survived; however, corrosion was still quite a problem.11 Cinema audiences received an early glimpse of the new Cortina (or Taunus ) through its appearance in the James Bond The Spy Who Loved Me 1977 film.The OHV Kent unit was fitted with a single choke carburetor and was used for the early models up to GT trim, the sohc twin choke carburetor Pinto unit was used for the GT and GXL models.Another special edition model was the Cortina Huntsman, of which 150 were produced.23 Weight was also increased by the stout cross-member incorporated into the new simplified front suspension set-up, 25 and by the inclusion of far more sound deadening material which insulated the cabin from engine and exhaust noise, making the car usefully quieter than its predecessor.In recent years, the opposite phenomenon has whale whores episode become popular among enthusiasts, where classic Cortinas have been retrofitted with modern Ford engines the most popular unit being the Zetec unit from the Mondeo and Focus.
15 The Cortina Lotus continued with its own unique engine, although for this generation it was built in-house by Ford themselves.
13 Other improvements included a smaller turning circle, softer suspension, self-adjusting brakes and clutch together with the availability on the smaller-engined models, for the UK and some other markets, of a new five bearing 1300 cc engine.
They came in red with a white lower quarter and did 0100 km/h (62 mph).5 seconds with a top speed of 195 km/h (121 mph).The dashboard was carried over intact from the last of the Mark III Cortinas while the estate used the rear body pressings lady escort dubai of the previous 1970 release Taunus.Retrieved "Evening Times - Google News Archive Search".Advertising of the revised version, which appeared at the London Motor Show in October 1964, made much of the newly introduced "Aeroflow" through-flow ventilation, evidenced by the extractor vents on the rear pillars.B c Logoz, Arthur,.The Mark III's continental European sister car the Taunus TC was subtly different in appearance, with longer adult date night front indicators, different door skins and rear wing pressings that toned down the drooping beltline in order to lose the "coke-bottle" appearance of the Cortina.In addition to four-cylinder models, the Mark III was available in South Africa as the 'Big Six' L and GL with the Essex.5-litre engine and Perana, GT and XLE with the Essex.0-litre engine."The Glasgow Herald - Google News Archive Search".